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Adventures in the Mudkip's Dating Simulator Universe continue in Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies! Return to the world of MDS set after the events of MDS1+2, the previous game. On September 13th, 2018, Mudkip is given a special task from Protagonist, and must carry it out with efficiency. How will Mudkip meet his demise? To whom will it be credited? Find out now!


  • Both English and Japanese (hand translated, not machine) language options!
  • 30-45 whole minutes of gameplay!
  • Completed endings list, with 3 endings.
  • RPG battles with quirky foes... or something like that....
  • A terrifying combination -- inspired by Undertale, Earthbound, Pokemon, and various other things. Mostly Undertale, though.
  • Extra endings, a more non-linear style of play, and extra plot unlock after you complete the first play-through! (You must play the game a second time to see a lot of the content! Don't miss out! The control key skips already seen lines!)
  • Randomized events and dialogue... Every time you play something different could happen or be said!
  • Two gay couples...! (on the true ending route)
  • A nameable Protagonist if you enable it in the options

But wait! There's more! If you download within the next [forever] decades, you can get it completely for free! Don't hesitate, download Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies as soon as possible!

I am open to feedback, so be sure to leave it if you have any thoughts. I also take anonymous questions on my Tumblr. Or, you can discuss on the MDS Discord.

Also check out the spinoff sequel, MDS Comedy Hour!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Dec 13, 2018
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim, Gay, japanese, LGBT, meme, Multiple Endings, pokemon, Text based, undertale
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

I would use the itch.io launcher (because of automatic patching), but if you absolutely insist, just extract the contents of the zip and run the .exe/app file.


Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies 252 MB
Version 2.0.2 Jul 26, 2019
Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies 239 MB
Version 2.0.2 Jul 26, 2019
Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies 234 MB
Version 2.0.2 Jul 26, 2019

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im confused in order to get the true ending do i have to go full doki doki and delete emma? i cant find her in the files so i dont know.

send help ive been playing this game for nearly an hour please send help 


I like how my first thought is to try to delete emma instead of just starting a new save file 

update:i am still missing something

send help

i am going to delete emma again if help does not arrive 

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Talk to Mystri, and do the sidequest with Eggy. Although I probably should have done your idea instead lol.


Funny Game. i loved it. the battles were repetitive but i feel like thats the point they're still fun and i like mudkip a lot lol

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Yeah, the battles are the thing I'm trying to fix the most in the sequel. There's still a bit more to see if you replay this one, though! There is a "true" ending you didn't get, and more places to see. (Both of these only become available after your first run.) If you're interested in playing a demo of the sequel afterward, here's a link. I'm so glad you enjoyed my dumb meme vn!


I thought the game would be just boring or something but I actually enjoyed it?? Seriously though, defenitly playing the sequel


wait I think this is the sequel. ;v;

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It is getting an actual sequel, though! The demo of which is actually probably going to go live today! :)

Edit: Here it is! https://coolermudkip.itch.io/mudkip-and-co-save-the-entire-universe


oh more of the super random and bad so it's funny and good things.

lemme guess, random words are spelled wrong, and that's funny, it'll make me XD for sure


Yep! That's about right! :)


This game cired my depression and aidsmy parents use to eat my dog now they don't eat my dog  this game is blessed please download it is amazing and blessed  10000000000000000000000000000000000000/10


Hey! Thanks for the great game. I got really invested, and I hope I didn't miss anything. I loved the epic secret gamer moment because I was being a smart alec ;)


Glad you liked it! Here's a trailer for the next main series release!


Cant Wait For The New Game


;) enjoy!

oh no im late

Deleted 107 days ago


Zip: We’re only rp’ying for the three of us, Zap. I’m pretty sure Mudkip can’t hear us.

Zap: But-but, it’s 100 dollars! That’s like… 1… 2… 7… AT LEAST 100 DOLLARS!!! That’s more dollars than I can count with my fingers!!

Zoopy: Hey, since when did Zap downgrade his language module and become obsessed with money?

Zip: Our god didn’t give us enough screen time to solidify our personalities, so we can basically do whatever we want.

Zap: What about adding a donate button?

Zip: The only thing I’d donate for is the overthrow of-

??????: Someone call me?

Protagonist: Whoops, I can’t have you giving unwarranted spoilers. Especially if they don’t actually give any real implications. Time to shut this operation down.

Zap: Come on, Zip! We can split the 100 dollars between the three of us!

Zip: Zap, I think we have a bigger problem to deal with than your incorrect math…

Protagonist: Shutting down in 3…

Zip: At least we each get one last line to speak in, even though I just wasted mine.

Protagonist: 2…

Zoopy: Just one short sentence and otherwise ignored… again. sigh

Protagonist: 1…

Zap: NOO!! MY 100 DOLLARS!!!

Windows 9 has crashed. Next time consider not waving magnets around in the electronics section.

Ive Changed My Mind After 3 Months Of Thinking


Your games are amazing and hilarious! Keep it up!


Awww, thank you!


I should have heeded the warning on your author page… What have you done to me (seriously though I enjoyed every second of this game, I had a really HECKIN’ good time!).

So I was wondering if this game could also feature an endings guide like the last game “Mudkip and the terrible plot device.” Maybe a few easter eggs maybe? I mostly just want to take in all of that VN goodness (ok maybe I had too much of a good time…)

Also I’m playing on a mac and when I was fighting some sliced watermelons Mudkip… accidentally died. The game would continue until the screen that says “And thus, Mudkip died.” and then suddenly glitch out to a few screens back. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not, but if it isn’t the change is really abrupt and it’s kinda hard to tell that it was on purpose. Also I’m pretty sure that no one would die to the fruits anyway unless they actively tried to, WHICH I DEFINITELY DID NOT!

Anyway love your games and cannot wait for more!

P.S: Please don’t abandon us for the new animal crossing switch…


Zip: Did he just say what I think he said?

Zoopy: I think he just heckin’ sweared!

Zap: Kids like you should be burning in heck!

Archer got sent to heck for being a little darn


Can you please send me to heck, too?


Zap: Why’d they think it was a good idea to respond to a comment that’s literally 28 days old?

Zip: Don’t be rude Zap! I’d be more than happy to add another soul to my list…

Zap: Hey! I’m the one telling on the line jokes here!

Zoopy: Uh, guys? We still have a guest to attend t-

Zip: Your necklace is literally made of acrylic Zap, I bet Zoopy’s hat cost more than that!

Zoopy: Hey this hat wa-

Zap: *Gasp* You take that back!

Zip: Make me!

Indistinct fighting

Zoopy: *Sigh* I guess I’ll go ask Joey if I can use the console to send you to heck, just give me a second.

/tp Incinerawr 64.9631 -666 19.0208

Incinerawr got sent to heck for, I dunno they probably wanted to see Azumarill or something…


what on earth is going on.


By Playing This Game, You Have Sent Me To Heaven

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Thanks for your kind words! I am going to patch the game in the future to fix a few of the problems, as well as add an endings guide. I probably should have done it in the first place, but oh well. The reason it was originally omitted was because there are really only ~3 endings, but I do agree it could still be useful. (Maybe a chance to add a new ending or 2, eh?) And most of the Easter Eggs are in the form of random events this time around. Each time you play a lot of the dialogue is mixed up. 

About the death screen, it's part of an ongoing bug that I'm having trouble fixing, where the mac version doesn't properly restore renpy checkpoints. I don't have a mac to test the game on in real time, so it's very hard to fix. On the previous version, the game would crash every time you even entered a battle, so it's a bit of an improvement at least. I'll try some more to fix it. :P

Thanks again for your comment, and I am happy to announce that I'm working on the next game as we speak. I have pretty big plans for it, so it might take a while.

(P.S. I swear that Magnets account isn't me, but I love them, whoever they are.)

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my nigga mudkip sticks his dik in a walmart and fucking dies

edit: indeed

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oh dang. I was unaware of that mac crash with the autosaving. (It's why it throws an error at the start of every battle) I'll see if I can fix that for the next patch. I didn't know anyone who had a Mac so I couldn't test it lol.

Thanks for the video!

EDIT: Alright, I'm pushing the patch now. Hopefully this fixes the crashes! Should be ready for download within 15 minutes.


Mudkip T Hecker is a massive mega ultra hecker.

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sans gaming