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Experience more adventures in the Mudkip's Dating Simulator Universe with MDS Comedy Hour! Set after the events of the true ending of Mudkip Goes to Walmart then Dies,  MDS Comedy hour lets you see some of your favorites goofing off whenever something important isn't happening. 


  • Made by the talented Archer, the translator of MDS MD and supporting developer of MDS SU!
  • The return of fan favorite(?????) couple Joey and Eggy!
  • A house of wisdom.
  • Delicious Snacks.
  • Exactly 0 references or hints to Mudkip (and Co.) Save the Entire Universe at all. Not even one!
  • no refunds.
  • make sure not to datamine because you might not like what you find...

Install instructions

I would use the itch.io launcher (because of automatic patching), but if you absolutely insist, just extract the contents of the zip and run the .exe/app file.


MDS Comedy Hour 121 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 22, 2019
MDS Comedy Hour 103 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 22, 2019
MDS Comedy Hour 106 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 23, 2019

Development log


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Loved this one as well!!! Keep up the great work!!


Thanks! I hope you enjoyed eating this cake as much as I did baking it!


Oh, definitely